If you…are thinking…of reading this blog alone…DON’T!

Ten years ago today, Grindhouse was released to a cruel and uncaring world that did not see it for the gem that it was. I saw it on opening weekend, and I was one of only three people in the theatre. Despite the sparse audience, it remains one of my favorite movie-going experiences.

Grindhouse has many great moments, but one of my favorites is Edgar Wright’s trailer for the (currently) fictional horror movie Don’t. Watch it below.

If you haven’t seen Grindhouse, I highly recommend it. It’s a double feature of Planet Terror (directed by Robert Rodriguez) and Death Proof (directed by Quentin Tarantino) with some amazing trailers in between. If you can watch it on a large screen with friends, so much the better. I’m a total recluse, but even I think the experience is better if you watch it with other people.

Also: if you…are thinking…about watching…only Planet Terror…or only Death Proof…DON’T!

Seriously, don’t do that. Watch Grindhouse the way it was meant to be viewed. Otherwise you’re cheating yourself out of a kick-ass movie experience.

Got a recommendation for an old-school grindhouse horror movie I should watch or review? Let me know in the comments!


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