It’ll Build Up My Blood: Suspiria Ink

As you may recall, I have mentioned my love for Suspiria a time or two on this blog before. Yesterday, I went to the Little Rock Tattoo Show to immortalize that love in the form of a tattoo. I had planned to walk the floor to take photos of horror tattoos to show you guys — with full permission, of course, from the people whose ink I was showcasing — but my tattoo took pretty much all day, so I didn’t have any time.

I’m going to plug my artist shamelessly here, because he fucking killed it: check out his website and go see @evanq on Instagram. He was amazing. I told him I wanted a tattoo incorporating the stained glass from the beginning of the movie and the peacock figurine from the end of the movie:

Minus the head, of course…
…and minus terrified Jessica Harper.

Evan came to the show to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and he was all out of bubblegum, so he gave me this gorgeous work of art:

Art by Evan Q, Casper-the-Friendly-Ghost complexion by Jessica.

I am incredibly proud of it. In my humble opinion (humble because it’s not my work — all I did was sit there) the elements will be recognizable to fans of the movie, but it’s so beautiful that anyone will appreciate it even if they’ve never seen a horror movie in their lives. Bonus: when people ask about it, I get to spread the gospel of Suspiria and hopefully win some people over to the dark side of horror fandom. I had about a dozen people tell me they would check the movie out after I described it to them at the convention, so my evil plan is already working. Muahahaha.

Since I didn’t get a chance to check out other horror tattoos at the show, help me out: do you have any horror tattoos or plans to get horror ink in the future? Let me know in the comments and show me on Instagram @wewhowalkhere!



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